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Frequently Asked Questions

I installed your K'lert add-in but it is not working. Please tell me what I need to do.
Please refer to the Manual on how to use K'lert. A simple way to test if K'lert is functioning is to set forwarding Action?as end Email? and use your own email address. Once the reminder is activated and not dismissed in the period of specified seconds, a K'lert email will be sent to designated Email address. Check to see if such email has been sent and received successfully.

I choose to use end Text Message?for K'lert, but I didn't receive any text message on my cell phone.
Answer: Please make sure your cell phone is capable of receiving text messages, especially from a PC via email. One way to know is simply send an email to the email address corresponding to your cell phone. You should be able to find out that information from your cell phone service provider. In the rare occasion that K'lert is using an incorrect email address to send you text messages, you can always use end Email?with the correct email address for your cell phone, and it will be the same as selecting end Text Message?

I'm using different service provider which is not in the list of this utility!?
Answer: As long as your cell phone service provider supports text messaging from PC to cell phone, you can choose end Email?as the forwarding Action?of K'lert, and use the email address corresponding to your cell phone to receive the K'lert text message.